Blended Audio Services

Please view the products/services that we have available below.

If you wish to utilise any of our services, please feel free to get in touch with us!


Blended Audio offers audio voice dubbing as its primary service, its what we're best at and where we have the moxt experience.

We have dubbed hundreds of foreign TV series and movies into english, with the neutral South African accent, we have also done work in American and British accents, and can also offer Dubbing into Afrikaans

Please view the video below for a sample of our work - if you wish to work with us, or have any projects you propose, please contact us via the contact page.



Blended Audio offers ADR/VoiceOver Facilities for film/broadcast/radio or any other purposes.

Whatever your needs are when it comes to ADR we have you covered.

We will provide you with an experienced engineer and ensure you get your files in the highest quality with the utmost of efficiency.

Final Mix For Broadcast

Blended Audio offers Final Mix Facilities for film/broadcast/radio or any other purposes.

We have dilivered thousands of hours of content to be aired on DSTV, and provide a fast turnaround with maximum quality

If you require mixing services for broadcast or personal use please contact us for further information. There is no project we cannot take on.


Blended Audio offers Foley Facilities for film/broadcast/radio or any other purposes.

We are a team of highly experienced engineers and sound designers and it is our passion to create the right sound for your production

We will create any sound your desire for your work, as well as provide final mix services to ensure a completed and well polished product.

Radio Production

Blended Audio offers full Radio Production Facilities.

Our team of expereinced engineers are capable of providing fully polished radio productions, inclusing sound design, music and even copywriting.

If you require sound design for radio broadcast purposes, or wish to create a radio advert from scratch, we can do that for you - from writing of copy, to creation of sound design/music to the directing of voice artists. please get in contact with us for more information.

Studio Hire

Blended Audio offers studio hiring for recording purposes.

If you need a recording studio for voiceOver recording, instrumental or vocal recording, we can help you with that.

We will provide you with a highly experienced and professional engineer at the very affordable rate of R120/hour - fast, efficient services and highest quality work gauranteed.


Blended Audio offers Podcast production Facilities.

One of our most recent additions are our podcast facilities. Check out our "Blended Podcast" page for our own original material.

If you are planning on starting a podcast, then we can facilitate that for you, from the start of the production, through to the airing of the show.

please get in contact with us for more information.

Music Production

Blended Audio offers music production services for radio, film or any other purposes.

We have multiple talented composers available and offer a wide range of genres.

We will provide mixing and mastering as well as instrumental recording if neccessary, please contact us for more info.